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The name “Cauvery” literally means “one who brings abundance.” But this once mighty river is mighty no more.

In the last year, the suffering of farmers and their suicides in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the Cauvery basin, have made national headlines.

The depletion of Cauvery and the distress of farmers are two manifestations of the same problem.

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Cauvery’s Depletion

  • Cauvery has depleted over 40% in the last 70 years
  • 87% of the basin’s original tree cover has been lost.
  • During the summer, Cauvery is unable to reach the ocean
  • 70% of the Cauvery basin’s soil suffers erosion.

Farmer Distress

  • 83% of farmers in Tamil Nadu and 77% of farmers in Karnataka are in debt
  • 17 districts in Tamil Nadu were drought-hit in 2019
  • 15 of the last 18 years have been drought years in Karnataka
  • Almost half the Cauvery basin suffers critical groundwater depletion

Why Cauvery Is Dying

Cauvery, like almost all rivers in India, is forest-fed. Historically, this region was covered in forests and tree cover. The soil was constantly replenished with nutrients and organic matter by animal waste and plant litter.

Organic matter allowed the soil to absorb water, and thus feed Cauvery.

As Trees Disappear...

Growing human populations and inefficient agriculture practices have led to an extreme loss of tree cover and the soil is no longer sufficiently supplied.

The soil no longer absorbs water efficiently and suffers erosion instead. The soil, having lost its ability to retain water, is unable to sustain Cauvery.

As a result, the river is drying up. The falling water levels and dying soil are taking a devastating toll on our farmers, who suffer failed harvests and crippling debt.

To reverse this dire situation, revitalize Cauvery, rejuvenate the soil, and improve farmers' income, Cauvery Calling will support farmers to plant 242 crore trees.

It is estimated by having these 242 crore trees will increase water and preservation in the Cauvery basin by about 40%.

There Is Only One Solution
The simplest way to make Cauvery flow again is to increase tree cover.

Support farmers to plant 242 crore
The campaign will support farmers to plant 242 crores or 2.42 billion trees through agroforestry, covering one-third of the Cauvery basin with tree cover.

Benefits of Increasing Tree Cover

Bringing one-third of the Cauvery Basin under tree cover will result in the triple-benefit of:

  • Improving soil health by replenishing organic content in the soil
  • Reviving the river and groundwater levels by increasing water retention in Cauvery basin by an estimated 40%
  • Augmenting farmer income through agroforestry, proven to increase farmers’ income 300 – 800% in 5 – 7 years

How Trees Revitalize Rivers

Trees help rain seep into the soil because living and decaying roots make soil porous, by creating a network of well-connected, minuscule channels in the soil.

Once water is absorbed, just as rainwater filtered down into the soil, water can percolate horizontally as well. This kind of underground “water flow” can feed water into streams and rivers, maintaining continuous river flow even after the rainy season is over.

How Trees Increase Farmers' Income

    • Agroforestry models have shown an increase in farmers’ income across India.
    • Isha has shifted 69,760 farmers to agroforestry, increasing farmers’ incomes 300-800% in 5-7 years.
    • Planting varieties of trees provide valuable fuelwood, fodder, fertilizer, and medicine. Timber sale can tide farmers over difficult times.
    • Trees improve and sustain the productivity of the farmland, reduce pests, prevent erosion, and reduce crop failure - all of which are common to single cropping or monoculture systems.


A Game-Changer for River Revitalization

Cauvery Calling is committed to serious action on the ground. With an 83,000 sq km basin, the focus on Cauvery will offer a model for large scale implementation of this solution. It will set an example for a sustainable river revitalization process that the rest of India and tropical areas of the world can follow.

Cauvery Calling will demonstrate how ecology and economy can go together, and that reviving ecology can be a very lucrative process.

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"Cauvery has been the source of wellbeing, prosperity and the very source of life for these lands. A forest-fed perennial river is fast becoming a seasonal stream as 87% of tree cover has been removed in 50 years. Cauvery is calling, do you have the heart to hear?" -Sadhguru

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