What to Pack: The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist.


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We know many of us were traveling from a long while now, some would be frequent travelers, some would be roaming on weekends and some would be viewing this post on the trip right now!!!

We being travelers we travel, we run, we jump and do lot more as an athlete does in a day. so things we buy should be Rugged like travelers.
So, we have put them together on this page with all the essentials to travel.
The Items suggested below will be High Quality, Lightweight and Durable stuff, which can last for years to come. listed below are not all the things which a traveler packs but the primary thing you need while traveling.

Travel Luggage: Rolling Bag VS Backpack

Now a big question arises here! which bag to carry? Travel backpack, Suitcase, or Rolling Duffle.
If you’re riding a bike, traveling through Himalayan busses or hitchhiking around northern parts of India, then you probably want a travel-friendly backpack.
And If you spend a lot of time in cities or fly frequently, you might prefer a rolling duffle or suitcase.
So, let's see which one will be your favorite :

1.Rucksack, Hiking Bag.

wildcraft bag

This lightweight, super comfortable overnight trekking & travel backpack. it has various straps that make you feel comfortable even you carry more than your weight.

2. Travel Duffel Bag.

duffle bag

A heavy canvas bag made of leather, perfect size for travel. protect your belongings and This becomes much easy to carry on.

3.Trolley bags.

trolley bag

This could be your favorite travel bag with plenty of room, heavy-duty lockable zippers, and a waterproof shell. A separate compartment for hiking boots, and big wheels for dirt roads & cobblestones.


Basic Travel Gear

Some basic gears that can go on every trip with you, these gear could help you stay organized while traveling.

Water bottles


A foldable water bottle can take less space when it's not useful. cool isn't it... 



A Multitool which can make your work easy in any case.

Small Compression bags

compression bags

Small compression bags for keeping things well organized, everyone loves to see their backpack systematic.

Quick Dry Travel Towels


Towels can take up a lot of room. So, ideally, buy a microfibre towel that takes up less room (like these awesome ones from Amazon). Most hostels don't provide towels so remember to carry one with your self.


We don't want to miss our next bus by waiting & drying a towel in our balcony. haha


Tech Gadgets For Travelers

 Some Important Electronics we needed, which improve our quality of travel.

travel adapter

Universal Travel Adapter- Worldwide All in One, this could be very useful because you never know what type of sockets - slots are available when you arrive in your room.



SKY ROAM - Portable wifi and power bank. Pay only for what you use with ultimate power bank inbuilt in it. click this Button to know how it works...




LACIE - Portable Hard drive, fully Rugged and perfect to travel with your trip



first aid kit

Every backpacker should carry a first aid kit - you never know when you'll need it. Especially if you'll be doing a trekking-based trip. You could find it here

So these are some helpful things you need to carry with you while traveling. let us know in the comment box below if we missed any of the gear to mention.



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  1. Check list is perfect. It is difficult to find common list for each type of travel. I can add one which mandatory I.e. toilet kit (soap/toothpaste/brush)

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