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 On the way traveling and exploring, we saw this uncle with an Amazing beard with blue shades and a unique Dressing style. Simple dressing with Maharashtrian cap, a bag full of Useful and recyclable things.

Really he looks very Dashing in this picture, but the real truth and fact behind his looks is a serious truth issue.

Rather saying it Black fact of India.

           According to the black fact, Children’s feel a Burden of taking care of their own parents when they Enter into their old age.

These same parents did not think of the problems they were going to face while growing up their children.

The same is the case with this uncle.  

Ask yourself some questions, have you ever thought about, what should these old parents do? Where should they go and live? What should they eat?
These parents would never have thought about the work they have started doing, after such cruel behavior of their children.

          So, In present this uncle goes collecting things that are recyclable and some which he can use for himself, from garbage and dumping ground, selling some of the scrap material to the scrap centers to fill up his stomach...                                                                                Age: 66


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2 thoughts on “Truth...

  1. Sad but true fact😓
    🙌To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors..💖
    - Tia Walker😍
    Respect and Care are the only things​ they want, nothing more than that 🤗
    Btw a Good Blog👍
    Keep it up..!

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