Know our travel responsibility on every trip?

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What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘travel’ – Vacation? Meeting new people? Or maybe, Beautiful views and stunning sunsets?

So, Traveling is an incredibly enriching experience. While we travel, we have a chance to see beautiful places, admire the most amazing wildlife, learn about different ways of life and get to know unique cultures, interesting people, traditions, food.

There’s everything out there we ever Imagined the deep blue sky, the crystal clear rivers, the stunning mountains but, a Question arises, for How much longer?

Do you want to know? 8 Things to know why Traveling is important? 

you would like to know.


Heres where the responsibility comes,

We have been best Places till now, Even planned the perfect Itenary of all, stayed at the beautiful locations, and packed the best things to travel. But Have you ever thought, The way we travel, the places we do have an impact on the environment too we should learn to be more respectful of the environment while traveling? 


We have listed out some of the points on how we could be a responsible traveler, what things to be taken care of while traveling any places we travel.


Save water

nature water drops of water liquid

  • Do you know 3 out of 10 rivers that are responsible for polluting the oceans in the world are situated in India? 

Yes, this is how far the country has gone into worsening the water crisis. But it not all the hope is gone, some river cleaning campaigns are running for major rivers in India like Ganga and Yamuna. However, there are still several rivers in the country such as Gomti, Ghagra, Chambal, Mahi, Varada that require people’s attention.

 There is a dire need of making the locals and travelers aware of the rising level of pollution in these rivers.

As a travel responsibility what we can do is, 

  • Take shorter showers or use Body Wipes instead. 
  • Use a refillable water bottle with a filter and use it to fill up at hotels and hostels.
  • Do not pollute the river water, as there are many living beings who survive on it.

Here we recommend some basic gears that can go on every trip with you, these gear could help you stay organized while traveling.

travel Gear

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Purchase locally made goods

apple business fruit local

 As a traveler, promoting local art and craft is nothing but an important part of travel. After all, a large part of the culture and tradition of any country has a deep connection with it.

 India, that boasts an affluent diverse culture is also the place where rural handicraft and handloom needs to be promoted since it can help rural people earn their livelihood. 

Think of some remote places where It’s difficult to reach by our self but, the food we Eat at Home is available to Us, Think of how they risk themselves to provide us the hospitality and the urgency we need.

Of course, Business comes here, but why anyone would risk their lives daily and do such a job.


So Think of it...

Buying and using the local products and even interacting and staying with locals can give you such a great Experience. Try it.

Our Travel Responsibility:

  • Go for something that has been locally produced and made to support the local economy.
  • Try to help them with selling if possible.
  • Barter a Good amount of the Souvenirs you take back.


Think Green

blue labeled plastic bottle

We all are well-acquainted with the hazards of plastic use.

Plastic is an issue anywhere in the world. There is almost no country on our planet unscathed from the damage brought by plastic and its products. 

And indeed, India is no exception; the country alone generates 5.6 million tonnes of plastic waste annually and accounts for 60% of plastic waste dumped into the world’s oceans every year.

Do You know? Most of the major cities in India which on average create 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste in a day.


Here is the perfect video you how plastic causes the damage  Sed-32-512


Our Travel Responsibility:

  • Use a refillable water bottle with a filter and use it to fill up at hotels and hostels.
  • Prefer buying Environment-friendly Items.
  • Leave no trace of plastic wherever you go, try to collect the trash on the way - and dispose of it once back.
  • Pack a canvas bag or two in your backpack, to use at markets or grocery shops instead of plastic bags.
  • Spread the same message to other travel buddies.


 Denotified Tribes and culture in India

men wearing tribal costumes during day

Many cultural and traditional art forms are dying just because we had and are ignoring the existence of these tribes. Indian culture is one of the most ancient cultures of today's world. Not many cultures have been able to survive the changing world for this long.

As we can consider Odisha’s tribes have a lot to offer the visitors – culture, traditions, food, festivals, dance and music, handicrafts and handlooms. There is a whole new world for us to explore.


Our Travel Responsibility:

  • As a travel writer, I feel obliged to speak about these denotified tribes, explore their culture and art and bring them back in the limelight so that such an essential part of India’s diversity isn’t lost.


We would like to share a Short film On Inside a Lost African Tribe Still Living in India Today. Sed-32-512


Child labor

man wearing yellow tank top standing on brown wooden floor

While several social issues in India can and should be addressed, the issue of child labor is something that must be discussed often.

 Even though India has banned the employment of children below the age of 14 in several professions, you’d still find a lot of children working especially in the roadside dhabas (restaurants), and I am pretty sure, you must have noticed them too, but unfortunately a lot of us never lodge a complaint against it thinking that the child must be the only breadwinner in the family and have too many mouths to feed. Also, sometimes the situation is even more complex than we can answer.

However, we all have to agree, those little hands and feet are not made to run errands. It is their basic right to get the education, to be fed well, and to have a peaceful sleep. As I said, the issue is sometimes too complex, hence, only raising voice against child labor will not serve the purpose.

Our Travel Responsibility:

  •  As a traveler, you can bring out the insights, record their stories, connect the children to the nearest NGO and help spread more awareness.


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Respect and be polite with wildlife

person feeding giraffe

We all have been a witness to the condition of wildlife in India. Despite the efforts of the government, there are still many wildlife species on the list of extinction. 

the extinction of great Indian bustard, Himalayan brown bear and snow leopard; safety of Asian Elephants and marine wildlife; and several issues that need people’s attention.

We are lucky that we are alive in the 21st century where it only takes a click of a button to transfer information from one end of the world to all corners of it. Hence, as a traveler, we’d encourage you to create an avenue for responsible tourism, and address these burning issues with the help of the technology at hand. 

Countries like India need our support and doing a small bit in problem-solving can bring this one of the best travel destinations in the world on the global map for best tourism. So, visit India, talk about its issues in a positive light and help it grow as a destination every traveler across the globe should see.


Heres we can do, as a traveler, is to minimize the negative impact of our travels, and wherever possible try to turn it into a positive one. This is what responsible tourism is all about.

when travelers like us have to ensure that we act responsibly. The good thing about traveling is adequate opportunities for reflecting on life slightly more than an average person.


Traveling has some benefits too… Here is the post was written 

8 things to know why traveling is important?

Even knowing all this and not taking any measures for the Environment would be a deep sense of guilt, we can say that we are cutting the same branch which we are sitting on.


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