• A place which reminds us of the art, BURUD ALI (बुरुड आळी) -The lost Art work...
    Jul 02, 17
       BURUD ALI (बुरुड आळी)       a line of Bamboo and cane workers A place where you find things made out of bamboo.A place which reminds us of the art of good old days. The people who work with bamboo were actually a large group of migrants who came to Pune in the 18th century from [...]
  • The beauty of sculpting- Incredible Artwork
    Jul 09, 17
    I never went to school in my child age, my father used to say "go to school" but I loved to see the art and the way how he sculpted the statues and also liked to play with materials made from soil. Later I used to work with my father daily, he taught me all [...]
  • The Perfect Travel Cameras For Your Next Trip-2019 ( How To Choose One)
    Jul 01, 19
    EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW what are the best travel cameras available. There are so many to choose from! Here’s what we recommend, and why. But stop! let me ask this before having a camera with you... WHY IS THE CAMERA IMPORTANT? A camera, by the most basic of definitions, captures still photographs or video, either [...]
  •  There is a voice that doesn't speak to you- Priceless words...
    Jul 28, 17
     There is a voice that doesn't speak to you… I start from seed,  Sunlight filters through my leaves, Shade hugs my heart, Alone with myself, Friendship with musical Birds,       I am down to earth with connected roots,   Consume plenty of water, Stand tall and proud till before I get killedBut have [...]


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