• Ohh... Chai! That's it!
    Oct 30, 17
    The Easiest way to spice up our day. Chai a blend of black tea and different spices as cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper & fennel. When we have a first hot sip on a cold winter morning, it dances around the mouth till the next sip comes along and gets hit by the burst of [...]
  • Pandharpur Yatra (wari)- Delighted Journey.
    Jul 04, 17
    #keep traveling… keep exploring… A last valediction to the Pandharpur wari sohala2017. 2 Routes 1 Destination the journey of 21 days, completed with 1 objective by every age group to a pilgrimage place "PANDHARPUR" This tradition of walking from two different destinations namely Dehu and Alandi has implemented in the 14th century nearly from 700-800 years [...]
  • 10 Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India — Travel India
    Apr 26, 19
    Every year, at the beginning of Spring in India, is the Holi Festival Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, has a long tradition which lies deep in the Hinduism (a religion that was born in India). During the festival, all 1.25 billion Indian people play outside and splash each other with neon bright paint [...]
  • Truth...
    Jun 14, 17
    Keep traveling... Keep exploring...    On the way traveling and exploring, we saw this uncle with an Amazing beard with blue shades and a unique Dressing style. Simple dressing with Maharashtrian cap, a bag full of Useful and recyclable things. Really he looks very Dashing in this picture, but the real truth and fact behind [...]


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