Music gives me peace of mind- BABA BASRI

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I don't want publicity in any kind, I am in search of Knowledge...

Music gives me peace of mind and keeps the people entertained.

I play the flute on the footpath while passing people listen to my music, and get entertained and get some amount of it, as praise.

I did not have a Job. so, I learned flute doing odd jobs like masonry, painting, cycle repairing and Even I sold guavas for some days, and Bhel too...

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I  was selling flutes and I was also playing one of them.  It was A bit surprising to me, one day A small girl came up to me, 100 rupees in her hand, stopped me and said, "Uncle Wait" I stopped, as I thought she might be wanted to purchase a Flute, so I started showing her the flute, She declined it, gave me 100 rupee note and pointed towards her Father. He waved at me and complimented me on my Flute playing. and requested me to keep 100 rupee note with me.

I felt overwhelmed with the fact that was getting some Income without selling flutes, and by playing them. On that day I felt a Confidence Building in me, that I am able to play Flute...

I faced a lot of opposition from my family when I used to practice, there were Extreme situations for a couple of times, I fought back, But multiple fights at home I realized there is no other way. took a decision and left Home without a single word only with my Basri.

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Initially, I started playing at Railway stations, Bus stands and then playing in trains...

my Family tried hard to find me, By sending letters, calling Relatives. they thought, Ultimately an Accident has finished me off... But not.

Everybody got emotional when I came home back after 2 months. they regretted fighting me, they felt sad about the things turned out!

I started playing the Flute again. At the place where I sit now All the shopkeepers and other small shops praise and liked my work. people request me to play their favorite song, and I play them. Everybody is happy with me.

This wish of mine is getting realized somewhere, and this constant Hunger of mine of learning something new from music every day is getting satisfied, which makes me happy.

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My biggest dream is to become a Great MUSICIAN someday...

                                                               Gangadhar Jadhav as "BABA BASARI"

-a street Artist.

Fergusson College Road, Pune, Maharashtra.

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6 thoughts on “Music gives me peace of mind- BABA BASRI

  1. What a beautiful sentiment-not to want publicity of any kind but knowledge... Thanks, I really enjoyed this article and the Youtube video of the flute-playing. I used to have a flute/bansuri, as I called it, that I learnt to play the tune of 'Yaad kiya dil ne kahan ho tum' originally sung by Hemant Kumar. I must see if I can still play it!

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