How the coronavirus pandemic will change tourism!

The pandemic has adjusted our lives for months now, and the big question facing by the travel industry right now, For the first time in history, close to 90% of the world’s population lives in countries with travel restrictions, Airlines, travel companies, and the tourism sector among the most affected businesses.

  • We will travel again, but it will not be the same.

As it ramps up again now New health safety protocols and systems will need to be in place, reduced personal contact, enhanced sanitization, temperature checks, and social distancing.


Here are the points below, how the travel industry will adapt change Post-COVID


Airports will have more security and screening than before.


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There will be great deals if you’re brave enough to book them.

In the short term, airlines will extend their fee waivers, making it easier for travelers to make and change their plans.

 “We’ve been living in the golden age of cheap flights, but the pandemic has pulled even more downward pressure on airfares.” but this would be for some time and now the Airfare would cost you more expensive than before that’s how airline going to make money and survive the effect of the pandemic on Airline industry with more health checkups and safety norms.


Restaurants and bars will operate with distance, from now.


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Overnight, much of the world went from over-tourism to no tourism, The restaurant industry is one of the hardest hit by coronavirus-induced lockdown in the country. Most of the food business has now shrunk to home delivery services but is that enough to keep the industry sail?

 know why - Every trip should be a Foodie trip

 As we adapted all the change now Restaurateurs have understood that the need of the hour is to innovate and be flexible about their offerings. locals have seen how their lives have improved without those insane crowds: 

Hygiene and contactless deliveries are already in place but for us travelers local food have been always a hub of taste.

  • Now or later sure we will have a taste on…

Long Drives will be preferred


Long drives have always been a perfect travel plan for many of us, and now.

Instead of planning for a long vacation People will start going for long rides at the weekend considering safety and health.

Spending time family members, going for a one day picnic on the outskirts will be preferable. Sure you must have done one drive.

How Traveling has some benefits too... post written below,

8 things to know why traveling is important?


Accelerated growth of nature and wildlife travel


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As we've lockdown for more than 3 months now in our apartments, grateful for our balconies, terraces, windows.

we’re dreaming of things like clear skies with vistas stretching for miles, an expanse of ocean, acres of lush green forest, snow-capped mountains and just being in the wild outdoors as we’re craving, in the hope to a drastic reduction of litter and waste, clean shorelines and canals, and a return of wildlife.

Know our travel responsibility on every trip?

 Pack Smartly to Be Prepared


No doubt the new world of travel will see a boom in domestic travel. Many will go by van or personal vehicle and that makes sense for now.

We just hope that begins to happen again sooner rather than later.

No Suprise, till now you have been an expert in being cleanliness and health-conscious. Here are some safety tips before you get out of your houses to travel.


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The most important of these is Do Not Forget the Masks 

Road trips bring you in close contact with many travelers and locals and thus call for certain precautions. Moreover, with the skyrocketing demand, it is always safe to have more than one.


  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth with fingers. We know it might itch occasionally, but make sure to use hand sanitizer before scratching.


  •  Wear a mask and make sure to change it every 10 hours while traveling. Carry along enough masks to help yourself and others in your surroundings.


  • Sneeze and cough into a tissue or the insides of your elbow, dispose of used tissues responsibly. 


  • Go digital! Digital payments are the key to minimizing physical contact between buyers and sellers.


  • Pack enough food from home, and avoid eating out as much as possible.    Also, do not forget to wash your hands (for 20 seconds, at least) before eating.


  • Use separate bottles and spoons while eating on the way and avoid sharing. Better yet, carry your bottles and disposable dishes and do away with them safely to prevent environmental pollution.


  • Dust and pollution are quite common when road tripping in India and nowadays there is a threat of dangerous viruses. Make sure to carry sufficient clothes, scarves, and cover-ups.


  • Do not forget to carry handy detergent sachets and bottles of disinfectants, since it is important to stay clean and discourage the breeding of germs. 


  • Keep washable sandals and slippers with you wherever you can, because Covid-19 thrives on surfaces and regular cleaning is the only cure.


  • Also be equipped with the details of the nearest hospitals, COVID-19 centers, and emergency numbers. Use the Aarogya Setu app to know any infected person near you. Go through their quarantine guidelines if you are traveling to another state.

1. Guidelines International Arrivals

2. Domestic Airtravel guidelines

3. State-wise quarantine guidelines 


Here we recommend some essential gear that can go on every trip with you.


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