Exciting Stories Going on Around the world besides covid-19.

Although the fear and pain, crisis going around, though its important to find positive in every situation, Exciting Stories Going on Around the world.

Okay, let’s face it. 2020 was a pretty rough start. Australia was on fire, cutting the Array Forests, peace between America and Iran shattered, Animals were and are at Endangered and all the crisis facing these days, big worldwide issue a Virus.

Road 2020

Although the fear and pain, crisis going around, though its important to find positive in every situation.

This is the most basic thing to be thankful for, that you are alive and able to make a change. Do you know? Every day, about 150,000 worldwide aren’t lucky enough to say the same.

 1. Animal shelters report a boost.

Due to these kinds of the current situation we are facing worldwide, and sure never thought of the animals of the street, But there are some great people around doing their marvelous work of adopting the animals and providing them food and shelter.

Animal shelter


“After all, they want companionship and to not feel alone during this unsettling time, and it is benefiting our animals directly.”


2. Business is finding new innovative ways to promote themselves.

We people always adapted the changes according to needs and the situations. These brands did the same. What an advertisement strategy.

As restrictions on bars, restaurants, shops and small businesses are evolving. Now you could also find a new way of business and sustain during these kinds of Pandemic periods.

It is recorded that these days were the busiest days in the history in the delivery sectors, and a message written on it “wash your hands.”


3. People are sending letters and love to Nursing homes and Govt Official Residents.


Hats off to those who are working behind all day to save our nation, family, and society.

We have seen many heroes in movies, plays but I would say these are the real heroes at present and will be in the future.



4. Disneyland Is Donating its Excess Food to a Food Bank.


Disneyland closed this month due to safety concerns. But while the park is closed, its surplus of snacks will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange Country.


5. Volunteers and celebrities around the world have extended help.

At every hard situation, some good people have always been a part of the wellbeing of their nation and planet Earth, by raising funds and donations to contribute the cause so far. 


Here the link you could contribute for WHO-COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, https://covid19responsefund.org/


6. Medical Dramas as Movies/Series are Donating Supplies to Hospitals.


In addition to providing great extraordinary Tv shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Station 19, and the Residents.

Are offering their medical supplies to hospitals and workers in need. As masks, gloves, and other medical equipment.


7. A Family Celebrated Their Grandmother’s 95th. From a Distance.

Who would not love to be with their grandmoms, Everybody Isn’t it?

The love we get, the stories we hear from childhood, the care we get just remember all of the love she has given us.

And now it’s our responsibility to care for her, help her out what she needs, I hope everyone would be doing this.


8. How nature is Reclaiming its Spaces due to this Viruscrisis.

Although we so-called Humans continuously we have disturbed the habitats of nature as (oceans, air, land) and every possible way, animals and ourselves.

But we have to remember from now If you harm the nature it harms you as well”

We've Always requested to save nature, Here's a post was written how to Responsible and save nature:



It’s just as important to maintain a positive view around the world and keep hope alive.

Humanity is going to win in all this chaos, but we have learned a lesson that “ If you harm the nature it harms you as well”


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