We think at this age it’s time to cross the limit line and go beyond the limits, we have only one genre ie; Traveling and Exploring for people who wanna know what’s going around the world.

So, We click pictures of the city, rural life, street, objects and write stories behind it… from every possible point of view. Keep Reading, Keep Traveling… Keep Exploring…


Manas Shailendra Lanke


I ask myself each and every time whenever I pick up the camera what makes me pick it up and look through the viewfinder? from last to years I was not able to figure out the answer.

I was not having any DSLR before, But this year I just got the answer to my question. Traveling and exploring the beauty all around the world is now what I dream of. Traveling is a whole new world for me”

“It actually gives meaning to my life”

manaslanke27@gmail.com                                                                                                           (+91-9623133498)

Vishal Harish Malge 


“I love writing about the emotions of the picture, I’m foodie an unplaned traveler and addicted to music.

Nowadays I am Out for an Adventure, An Unplanned Adventure to see this World’s Beauty with the wonder-filled in my eyes.


“Get up have some food, Travel, take pictures, take rest, have some more food Get up and Travel with Music again“

malgevishal7@gmail.com                                                                                                             (+91-9096815731)


~team ©travel exploring.



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